With the current health concerns, Ray's Place is operating with extra caution and enforcing that the following throughout the property:

  • Gatherings of ten people or less per group activity.
  • Practice of social distancing between families, staff.
  • Cleaning staff cannot access the rooms until 24 hours after your departure.

Updates are posted to Facebook, so please follow there for the fastest updates.
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Understanding the Challenge

Winter Conditions Increase Difficulty, See Introducing Winter For More Details.

Difficult, Serious Potential Mud
Most Difficult
Closed, Tread at own risk only if neccesary.

Important GPS Note

For those with Google Maps installed on iOS and Android, the interactive map below when clicking the full-screen icon to the top-right allows you to see your position on the trails relative to the GPS.
For others with GPS which support custom maps, you can download the GPX file here.

Trail Contstruction

Building The Trails

For years, Jeeps and ATV trails have often been spread far and wide apart from each other due to the width of the trails, terrain, or sharp turns that the respective other cannot make. That is, until Ray said enough. With the support of multiple associations, communities and hobbyiests alike, Ray's Place set out on a quest to give everyone the chance to try a new trail system, A universal system.

Fast-forward years later, and these custom trails are regarded as some of the most challenging for all experience levels, catering to neither Jeep, ATV, or four-wheel drive vehicle any better than the other. It truly is an experience to be had and shared among friends. We promise you'll love the trails as much as we do, and see just how much care went into every step of the different routes. Tested by all staff and crew, and regularly worked on, these trails really are a site to see and challenge to beat. Whether you're interested in forest terrain, muddy waters or sudden drops that make your heart skip a beat in excitement, we're sure you'll find the perfect trail for your tastes.

Winter Equipped ATV

Introducing Winter Wheeling

Never Attempt Winter Wheeling Alone! Always Go With a Group of Riders Who All Have the Equipment Listed Below!

Winter riding has been a dream of Ray’s to bring to the establishment, allowing for a new take on the trails that many have come to call their favorites while providing a new set of challenges along the way. Winter riding allows for the cold embrace of the snow and ice to make trails more difficult, while providing a new rush of fear or ambition as trail paths become less clear five feet ahead of you. For those whom seek the thrill of winter riding, or want to test out their expertise during the colder months, every driver (regardless of vehicl type) should have on hand:

  • Functional winch
  • Recovery straps
  • Winch recovery kit -including snatch block and tree saver
  • Air compressor
  • Shovel
  • Non-perishable food
  • Spare clothing

Winter wheeling is a different ball game compared to what you're used to during the summer. Techniques and expectations are completely different depending on conditions. Jeeping Veteran & Former Just Jeep Representative, Adrian Colson commented the following:

"light fluffy stuff you want momentum, hard packed you want to crawl trying not to break traction and hills again are normally tackled with momentum. Due to this and the tight technical trails you find in Ontario and body damage is a good possibility."