With the current health concerns, Ray's Place is operating with extra caution and enforcing that the following throughout the property:

  • Gatherings of ten people or less per group activity.
  • Practice of social distancing between families, staff.
  • Cleaning staff cannot access the rooms until 24 hours after your departure.

Updates are posted to Facebook, so please follow there for the fastest updates.
Click for more details on the current health situation.

About us

Is a Web, Android, or iOS booking app coming?

As Ray's Place proceeds to update the infrastructure and offerings of the campground, the idea of developing and releasing a booking system feature to the website or as an mobile app has come up. At the current time, there are plans to test the concept for 2020, but no promises beyond that can be made at the time.

Are email notifications coming to the current booking system?

We are looking into integrating a email service upon booking confirmation, but no promises can be made at the time. The only advantage would be email confirmation which you can reference prior to arrival, so it's not high on the priority list

On-Site Protocols

How is garbage and recycling handled here?

Firstly, do not mix recycables (paper, plastic, cans, bottles) with garbage. Blue boxes are provided in the rooms to house recycling, along with clear bags (which are required here) that are available in the office for you to use.

When and what is 'quiet hour'?

Quiet hour is by definition, the hour where all loud activities must end. As of 2020, the start and end times have moved to 24 hours by the municipality, and failure to comply will result in consequences. This includes but is not limited to, music playing through speakers at a high volume, driving your off-road-vehicle throughout the accommodations areas of the property.

What behavior or activities are not allowed on the property?

The following are not allowed in any form on the property, and will result in consequences if to occur:
  1. No smoking to occur in the rooms and RVs.
  2. No illegal use of drugs.
  3. No illegal use of firearms.
  4. Fireworks and firecrackers.
  5. Helmets must be worn at all times (where required).
  6. Any unruly behavior, both in sober and nonsober form

What are common check-in and check-out times?

Check-in times differ for everyone, traffic and holidays often being the driving factor for arrival times. Preferred times for check-in if possible are noon, but the office is flexible if discussed ahead of time. Check-out time is 11:00am. For those staying in a room, please leave the room key inside the room prior to leaving.

What should I report if encountered?

The following should always be reported to the office, along with warning other riders in the area:
  1. Blocked exits.
  2. Slippery floors.
  3. Sharp objects and obstacle.
  4. Wild animals.

How can campers ensure a safe stay?

Adhering to the following should remove you from the interest of most wildlife, though this is a guideline and not a promise:
  1. Set up both trash and recycling bags, ensure no garbage or scraps are on the ground.
  2. Cover latrines that have been dug out.
  3. Pick up after your pets, always.
  4. Sleep with your vehicle keys close by, if you hear anything at all -even simply movement that you're unsure of, sound your car alarm. This is an easy way to scare away animals and also warn your fellow campers in the area.

Accommodations & And Your Stay

Am I allowed to bring pets?

Ray's Place is a pet friendly resort, there are four rules which are enforced throughout the property. They are:
  1. A pet must be leashed at all times when not in the room, regardless of how friendly and trained.
  2. No pets are allowed on any of the furniture on the property.
  3. Neglecting to cage your pet during the day forfits you from having the cleaning staff enter your room for any reason during your stay.
  4. All pets must be caged if not taken with you while riding. This is to ensure no damage occurs to the rooms while you're out.
  5. Lastly, always 'poop and scoop' after your pet.

What's available at the office?

We offer complimentry coffee in the morning, along with tourism brouchers for the surrounding area. Haliburton County ATV Association Trail passes are also sold on-site.

Are barbeques available to utilize?

Yes, shared barbeques can be found in the front of the room and RV accommodations. We remind you to keep the area and barbeque itself clean for the next person as well.

Is Wifi available?

Ray's Place offers limited Wifi close to the office area, which extends as far as room two. This limitation is due to location of the business, and cannot be mitigated any further at the time. Thank you for understanding

Do you sell water or pop?

Water and pop are available for purchase at the office.

Do you sell ice or firewood?

Yes! Wood is available to purchase from the office from morning to 8PM, $8 a bag, or $15 for two. Any requests for wood after 8PM will not be fufilled. Ice is also available for purchase for $3 a bag from the office.

Trails & Off-roading

Can I access the ATV Association's trails directly from your trail network?

Yes, it is possible to get onto the main ATV Association's trails from the property.

Are your trails open year round?

Yes, the private off-roading trails are open and maintained year round.

Can I utilize GPS in the area and on the trails?

Modern GPS (Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, etc) is typically accurate when looking for directions to Ray's Place. For those using other forms of GPS, your results and route may vary greatly. While on the trails, we provide (see Trails page) a GPX file which is usable both in off-road vehicles and smartphones.
Further Details

Do I need insurance prior to stepping on your trails?

Yes, furthermore a waiver must be signed for all vehicles, the technicalities differing between what's required when playing on the private trails vs county publich trails. This is handled in the office upon arrival. Be sure to bring your insurance.

Am I allowed to drink or drive high on your trails?

Ray's Place, despite hosting private trails, is still a commerical property. You absolutely cannot drink or drive high on the trails. Follow ever rule that you would while driving on the road while you're navigating on the trails. Failure to comply with this rule will result in you being banned from the property, along with further consequences.
Further Details

At what age are children allowed to be on an ATV?

All children riding with parents and friends must be of 12 years or older, please refer to the link below for official rider safety from Haliburton ATV Association.
Further Details

Do you sell trail maps or ATV passes?

Yes! Trail maps of the Haliburton area are sold in the office for $5, along with ATV Trail passes for those looking to ride on country trails. This pass is not required if you are only playing on offical Ray's Place trails.

How do I access the trails?

The main trails can be accessed from the north side of the campground (past seasonal sites, at the other end of the ponds). The main trail `Take Me There` begins, and is the only direct way onto the trails. Drive slowly when entering or returning from the trails, as a courtesy to your fellow driver's safety.

Emergency Response

In the event of an emergency (wildfire, flooding, etc), please notify the leader of your group and the owner of Ray's Place immediately. Furthermore, call 911 first where appropriate!

Do not block any roadways on the property, to ensure emergency vehicles can access the area when needed.

In the case of power failure, flooding or gaseous odour, notify the owner immediately. In the event that Owner is unreachable, please contact other Ray's Place staff. Describe and identify the location of the problem.