With the current health concerns, Ray's Place is operating with extra caution and enforcing that the following throughout the property:

  • Gatherings of ten people or less per group activity.
  • Practice of social distancing between families, staff.
  • Cleaning staff cannot access the rooms until 24 hours after your departure.

Updates are posted to Facebook, so please follow there for the fastest updates.
Click for more details on the current health situation.

Close shot of Jeeps on the trails

Hello, outdoor resort!

Some niche's are more common than others, in Ontario you have a multitude of hunters and gun-range advocates alike, small-town explorers and even hiker enthusiasts. Yet, when it came to the hobby/sport of Off-roading, only few viable options existed which provided lodging and private trails for those of all skill levels. Ray's Place (formally South Wind Motel) saw a community which both needed such offerings, and were welcoming to all outsiders interested in the ride. That is why the staff and owner have progressively created one of the most attractive off-roading resorts in Northern Ontario, accommodating all four-wheel-drive vehicles and challenges.

SoloJeeper hosting a WWWF Meeting

Curious about us?

Located just outside of Minden, Ontario, this lodging and campground provides the ample distance from a city for you to truly "get away from it all", and most importantly: do so in the comforts of your four-wheel-drive vehicle or truck and trailer. See About Us more location and contact information.

An Jeep going through the famous Mudbug

So, what does Ray's Place have to offer? Trails!

Firstly, some of the hardest professionally maintained trails in Northern Ontario. See Trailsto get the full picture and chart out your next route. A great bonus is these trails connect directly to the main county line, meaning you'll never run out of paths to tread. Ray's Place hosts dedicated group events frequently, caterring to both begineers and experts in such a way that all get the chance to ride.

RV Accommodations and Maple-leaf to the corner turning auburn.

No-fuss accommodations!

Furthermore, the options for Accommodationsallows for every individual to find the perfect stay while on the property. Whether you're interested in sleeping under the stars, joining your group of friends and riders in Ray's Town, bringing your own pull-thru RV and connecting to power and water, or enjoying a stay in our comfortable rooms, there is certainly an option for all off-roaders and outdoor lovers.

Arianne Gervais walking among Jeeps

Interests for the whole family!

With a constantly growing amount of events and attractions throughout the Dysart area, we're sure that you'll always have something planned for the entire family! See Area Attractions for a list of common destination spots when the not in the mood for riding, along with associations which relate to riding in the Dysart area and emergency services.
Rocky and Lilly, the Gervais' dogs in the grass.

No friends left behind!

Enjoy the experience with your beloved pets as well, which are welcome on the property! Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page for details on pets, along with answers to common questions you may have.